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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Outsourcing sleep study scoring will save you time and money. Outsourcing allows you to expand your business without increased costs for employee salary and benefits. This way, you can handle an increased workload, without having to cut staff during times of reduced demand.

    New sleep scoring centers can concentrate on generating revenue by utilizing staff exclusively for study acquisition. We offer affordable sleep scoring service rates that can be more cost effective than hiring an on-site sleep study scorer. Existing sleep centers can benefit from outsourcing by using day staff for marketing, facility management, and education programs, leaving the time consuming clinical work to us.

  • It may be possible for an experienced technologist to score part of a sleep study service during acquisition. However, this approach usually leads to reduced quality in both acquisition and scoring. Night technologists should maintain vigilance and use their time exclusively for the monitoring of patients.

  • Polysomnographic scoring services are performed with no minimum volume requirements. (contact us for rates) Polysomnographic consulting and training are offered at $60.00 per hour, based on a projection of 12 hours plus hotel, meal, and travel expenses. Our training is billed at a flat-rate fee regardless of the number of trainees or number of hours worked.

  • As experienced medical professionals in sleep scoring services, our staff is trained in the principles of HIPPA compliance. We use only secure networks for data transfer. All our software programs encrypt data to ensure your patient's privacy.

  • Just use the form on our contact page for sleep scoring services. We will email you info about how to transfer your study to us as well as payment details. Don´t worry. We respond quickly about sleep scoring services.

  • Registered Sleepers, Inc. contracts with qualified Registered Polysomnographic Technologists to perform sleep scoring services. You must have a minimum of five year's experience in sleep scoring services. Each technologist is chosen based on current workload and their familiarity with our systems. Contact us using the link on our contact page. Be sure you have a resume and references ready for our review.